2024 Q1: treading the boards

The first quarter of this year will be spent bringing two new works into this world: Dora by Bernhard Lang, and The whole Truth about Lies with Nico and the Navigators.

I’ll be joining the Neue Vocalsolisten as the ensemble for Dora. The eight of us function together as a Greek chorus of sorts, intertwining intricately with the other characters of the opera. Rehearsals start soon at Staatsoper Stuttgart, and I’m curious how our function will reflect in the staging. We are in almost every other scene, there is quite a lot to do! (In the meantime, I am trying my best to cram the mixed-meter score and all the German text into my brain.)

After that, I’ll be diving again into the wonderful, zany universe that is Nico and the Navigators. (Hooray!) We will be making a new piece for the closing night of the Schwetzingen Festival. Nico sent us an evocative prompt, and I already have references and possibilities swimming in my head… As usual, the group of players is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to all the mischief we will create together.

Dora will play at Staatsoper Stuttgart through March and April, and The whole Truth about Lies will be at Schwetzinger Festpiele on May 25.

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