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BBC Radio 3 broadcast

Tune in here for a special live broadcast from the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival on BBC Radio 3’s Hear and Now program. The performance took place on November 26, 2016 starting at 10pm in Bates Mill. Many thanks to hcmf// for inviting me, to the team of Hear and Now for the smooth experience, and to Michael Finnissy, who wrote the beautiful Song 1 and Song 16. The broadcast will be available for listening until December 26, 2016.

Programme includes:

Bunita Marcus Music For Japan (UK premiere)
Naomi Pinnock Music for Europe (world premiere)
Ensemble Adapter

Christian Mason In a world of invisible waves: a butterfly (UK premiere)
Richard Uttley (piano)

Olga Neuwirth Incidendo/fluido
Richard Uttley (prepared piano & electronics)

Michael Finnissy Song 1; Song 16
Peyee Chen

Free improvisation by Percy Pursglove (trumpet) and Thomas Stronen (drums)

Reviews with the Gavin Bryars Ensemble at Adelaide Festival

A few reviews from performances with the Gavin Bryars Ensemble at Adelaide Festival:

Limelight Magazine:

Soprano Peyee Chen delivered phenomenal clarity from her first note, and when she soared with a grace that seemed to be ethereal, the result was spine tingling. She was matched by the mellifluous warm timbre of tenor John Potter; their vocal lines superbly complimented the captivating text, delivered with passion, precision, and a sense of ease.

RealTime Arts Magazine:

The two soloists, soprano Peyee Chen and tenor John Potter, were fabulous, especially Chen, whose soaring, effortless voice was the highlight of the whole Bryars season.

The Advertiser:

Central to this concert was a series of musical settings called Laude, set for one or two voices with an instrumental ensemble consisting of Bryars himself on double bass, with various combinations of cello, electric guitar and two violas. They were exquisitely sung by soprano Peyee Chen and tenor John Potter. Two lovely instrumental Laude maintained the mood of restrained quasi-devotional ardour.


For me, the outstanding performer of the night was […] the superb soprano Peyee Chen.  What a voice!  And such clarity and precision. I would happily listen to her all night long.

Broadway World:

Soprano, Peyee Chen, possesses a voice that the very Gods would applaud and she is not afraid to use it. Her extraordinary purity of tone joined Woodrow’s eerie guitar work so perfectly that it was at times difficult to distinguish one from the other. She can produce a whisper that sends shivers up the spine, or a crescendo that threatened the very timbers of the Elder Hall roof, at a whim.

I had a wonderful time there and really, really enjoyed being with the group! We’ll have another chance to make wonderful music together in June, this time in Glasgow and with dancers. I’m looking forward to it!

“La Marée” awarded Opus prize

Photo courtesy of empreintes DIGITALes

Photo courtesy of empreintes DIGITALes

The album “La Marée” by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, which has a piece that we worked on together (Still, Again), has been awarded the Prix Opus ‘Disque de l’année’ by Conseil Québécois de la Musique! Congratulations to PA, and also to everyone involved in making it happen!

For more information about the album, or to purchase it, please visit here.

The Place of Whispers

While we were at Lucerne preparing for a performance of Berio’s Coro with the Lucerne Festival Academy Choir, Orchestra, and Sir Simon Rattle, a beautiful installation was opened at the Kunstmuseum Luzerne.

Designed by David Bithell, The Place of Whispers is a series of five wood and metal sculptures that record their surrounding sounds. Viewers are asked to whisper dreams, hopes, wishes, things that would normally remain unvoiced, to the sculptures.

These sounds are mixed together using generative processes and are layered with field recordings from around Luzern made by the artist throughout the duration of the installation. Each of the sculptures is autonomous but communicates with the other sculptures to create a large scale, immersive, and responsive sound environment – an ever-evolving landscape of the sonic psyche of Luzern.

While on display, there were also opportunities for live performances and more musical interactions with the sculptures. I participated in one of those events, and it was quite an experience! A sound excerpt from the evening’s performance can be found here, and images can be seen here.


Broadcast of “Still, Again”

Sunday, April 20, 2014, during the 8 to 9pm slot produced and presented by Martijn Comes on Concertzender.

The set list will be:
00. Chad Mossholder of Twine. Kraak Helder Intro.
01. Aphex Twin. Jynweythek. Drukqs. Label: Warp
02. Michalis Paraskakis. Ark Futura – for ensemble. ASKO|Schönberg Ensemble o.l.v. Bas Wiegers. Recorded live in Bernard Haitingzaal,Conservatorium van Amsterdam · 14 April 2014
03. Fennesz. Static Kings. Bécs. Label: Emego.
04. Peder Mannerfelt. Psalm and Songs and Voices. EP1. Label: Peder Mannerfelt
05. Yoshio Machida. SYNTHI n°23. Music from the SYNTHI. Label: Baskaru
06. Yoshio Machida. SYNTHI n°02. Music from the SYNTHI. Label: Baskaru
07. Fennesz. Paroles. Bécs. Label: Emego.
08. Peyee Chen. Still, Again. La Marée. Label: empreintes DIGITALes
09. Caustic Window. Italic Eyeball. Compilation. Label: Replex
10. Design A Wave – # # # (Aroy Dee VIP) Label: nolabel
11. Orphan Swords. Räum – Winter Solstice Version. Räum Remixes. Label: Idiosyncratics

For more information and to tune in, please visit Concertzender.

Almost one song out of “Three Songs by Ukeoirn O’Connor”

A quick video, done during tech setup before the recital, by Events and Marketing staff from University of Huddersfield. Thank you to the the university for the wonderful gig, and all the effort and help!

It cuts out just before the final couple bars of the first song (out of three)… I’m afraid you’ll just have to see/hear it live some day to find out what the ending sounds like!

“Still, Again” on La marée by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

PA and I have known each other for a few years now, and after doing a recital for him at GEMdays (now called Electric Spring), we decided to work on a piece. PA emerged after some months with a beautiful, gritty, and emotionally-charged “mini-opera”, and I really enjoyed our studio sessions working on it. From his little windowed booth, PA supported and challenged me, while I went with the flow and placed my trust in him completely.

The fruit of our labor Still, Again is now available on his new album La marée, released by empreintes DIGITALes. The 2 CD set also includes pieces for and performed by Heather Roche, Sarah Nicholls, and Jean-François Laporte.

For more information about the album and to purchase it, please visit

All pieces on this album are mixed-music where the soloist has a complex dynamic with its antagonist, the loudspeaker: a dialogue all made of power games.

This uneven relationship is reminiscent of the fragility of sandcastles and other human constructions with their daily facing of the patience of the elements. Are these ephemeral joys many revenges over the ineluctable?

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, introduction to La marée

hcmf// radio interview

University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Interview with Honley High School students at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.  Kids really do ask good and hard questions.  Listen here!

First up to come down to Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival were students from Honley High School. They talked to festival workers Heidi and Graham, composers Pat Allison and Lawrence Rose, and performers Peyee Chen and Kate Ledger, amongst others. Oh, and they also got well and truly stuck in to the world of contemporary music…